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Best Immigration Lawyer in Markham - Your company's human resources are its most important asset, and our employment and labour lawyers know this particular fact. For all workplace problems, our firm has extensive experience and knowledge. Our workplace lawyers have knowledge in a wide range of labour and employment law service and counsel to public-sector, private-sector, and not-for-financial-profit enterprises and to trade unions.

Workplace relations that are constructive and are the basis of the most profitable and productive projects. The objective of our firm helps organizations to sustain, enhance and establish these relationships.

We are normally called upon to make presentations to employer and employee organizations regarding current developments in workplace law. We offer workplace law seminars to all of our client√?¬®le. Briefing sessions and seminars are tailored specifically for individual ventures and organizations. We have close associations along with specialists in workplace law and we are well known by the administrative tribunals governing workplace law.

We offer assistance and support to the supervisors and frontline managers to ensure they set up and maintain productive workplace relations. Our checklists would assist clients benefit will assist them to make certain that they are able to meet all requirements in such areas as internal investigation, work arrangement for individual contractor and severance package preparation. It will be impossible to avoid all workplace matters; then again, properly worded personnel policies applied pro-actively and positively lessen the possibilities for conflicts.

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