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Family Law Firms Markham - Child custody disputes and divorce can be emotional and confusing times. Even marriage could be stressful and confusing. The law is meant to protect you, but for those who are experiencing major changes within their lives, there can be feelings of fear and vulnerability.

The lawyers in our Family Law firm can offer sound legal recommendation based upon our experience and knowledge in handling individuals in your similar situation. We can help you to know what lies ahead and what actions have to be done.

We assist our clients to prepare separation agreements, marriage contracts and cohabitation agreements. We assist with areas of pension or property division and spousal or child support. We are available when you need a divorce, a restraining order, child custody and access assistance, a change of name or paternity help.

Our lawyers have the knowledge and expertise to help you get the result you deserve. In circumstances requiring specialized knowledge, our Family Law lawyers work closely along with our experts in other practice fields, such as estate planning and business law.

Our objective is to be able to acquire for you a timely, fair resolution by way of skilled negotiation. In cases where negotiation is not successful, our seasoned Trial Counsel will represent you before the courts

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